Learn to Scuba Dive for Kids

Since You Were A Little Kid You've Always Wanted To Try It...
Now, discover all the adventure when you learn to dive with Don Ferris Dive Training.

The mission of Seal Team is simple; Involve children in scuba diving and pass along the excitement and adventure of underwater exploration. Our goal is for kids to develop a life long passion for the ocean and the sport of scuba diving by the time they are 12 years old. The PADI Seal Team is for kids 8 to 12 years old. The Seal Team provides a safe, structured learning environment combined with enjoyable scuba activities. This stimulating program appeals to kids who love the water, crave adventure and imagination games, enjoy learning new physical skills and want to gain an appreciation for preserving Planet Ocean. Seal Team Members progress until they are ready to start their Jr. Open Water Diver certification once they are 10 years old. The skills they have learned along the way will help them become safe scuba divers, good dive buddies and first-class environmentalists. Just How Safe Is Scuba Diving?

With Seal Team, you can scuba dive in a pool with real professional scuba diving equipment, play games underwater, learn life guarding and rescue skills and other cool stuff!

• You'll be part of a special, elite group - scuba divers!
• You’ll accomplish things that will amaze your parents - and yourself.
• You’ll develop good safety sense around the water, and increase awareness of water safety to others in your family.
• You’ll build self-confidence, swimming muscles, self-esteem and pride.
• Unlike many other sports, there is no competition and scuba diving can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
• When you turn 10, you can get your license to dive with an adult.

PADI Seals learn the basics of scuba diving through several Aquamissions. There are 15 missions in total, but after the first five, participants become PADI Seal Team Members.
• Aquamission #1, Seals learn how to breathe underwater, learn about their air gauge and practice hand signals.
• Aquamission #2, they build on their scuba skills (practicing regulator skills, becoming more confident divers and great PADI Seal Team buddies).
• Aquamission #3, includes more exciting skills (mask clearing, octopus breathing and underwater hand signals).
• Aquamission #4, Seals learn what it's like to be weightless (bouyancy) - just like an Astronaut in space!
• Aquamission #5, Complete this step and you’ll become a PADI Seal Team Member. In this Aquamission, we practice and review what the Seals have learned, and also invite your parents to attend a demonstration of your new skills.

The Adventure Continues...
Our underwater space station, underwater wreck and many other adventures await PADI Seals after they complete their first five aquamissions. Seal Team Members complete 10 specialty recreational and educational Aquamissions to become Master Seal Team Members.

Master Seal Team Program
Seal Team Treasure Hunter - Learn techniques for locating lost objects under water. Learn to use an underwater metal detector to find lost and buried treasure!

Buddy Seal Team - Invite your best friend (or family member) to try snorkeling or scuba in the pool. It's a great time to demonstrate your skills and get your friends and family involved.

Rescue Seal Team - Learn what it takes to help your dive buddy if he or she is in trouble while diving. We often invite fire department professionals to tell you about their jobs and what they do to help people.

Seal Team Mile Swimmer - The goal of Mile Aquanaut is to swim a full mile in the pool with the assistance of your mask, snorkel and fins. Don’t worry - you’ll have several sessions in which to complete the mile.

Marine Life Seal Team - Learn about aquatic fish, plants and animals that live in the ocean, lakes and rivers on Cape Cod. You’ll get to see cool creatures and maybe even visit an aquarium or marine mammal rescue facility.

Navigation Seal Team - Learn how to use an underwater compass, and natural navigation techniques (navigating with no compass). Knowing how to get back to shore comes in really handy when you start diving in the lakes and ocean.

Night Seal Team - Practice your skills and play games - at night with the pool lights off! It's awesome! But don't worry - you'll have a powerful underwater diving light so you can see what you're doing.

Photography Seal Team – Learn to take underwater pictures. You’ll learn how to use a professional underwater digital camera and video camera. You’ll be able to save these photos to your computer for printing.

Maze Seal Team - Test your buoyancy and scuba skills in an underwater "obstacle course." Skill stations are set up in the shallow end of a pool. Each station has a specific skill for you to perform. It's underwater fun that also develops skills!

Computer Seal Team - Familiarize yourself with how computers are utilized in diving and diving research. Use the world-wide-web to find diving-based web sites and experience the use of a diving computer in the pool. Valuable in the water and out, the skills learned will assist you in both future academic and diving careers.

Seal Team Overview for Parents
• The Seal Team sessions are three hours in length.
• Parents are welcome at every session (but not allowed in the water) - or they can drop off the children and pick them up at the end. All the children will want their parents to come to the "demo" mission where they will show what they have learned.
• The cost of the first 5 missions is only $249 and includes all five training sessions, use of tanks, scuba regulator, buoyancy jacket, weight belts plus prizes after each session (balloons, pencils, dive flags, snacks). The required student kit which includes workbook, video and log book is used for all the sessions is only $35.
• The next eleven Seal Team "specialty" missions are just $35 each. They also include all the scuba equipment and prizes - just like the first five missions. It is in these "specialty missions" that the children apply what they learned in the first five sessions and have most of the fun.
• Children must register at least one week in advance to allow them time to watch the video and complete the first section of the workbook. The parents of each participant must sign a medical history and liability release prior to the first session. Click here to download the enrollment application.
• Just How Safe Is Scuba Diving?

Price: $449.

Prerequisites: 10 years old minimum and be a very confident swimmer. Enjoy the water, swim comfortably. No history of ear, asthma or heart trouble.

After first few sessions, Must have your own personal mask. snorkel and fins.

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