Deep Diver Training

Can You Operate at Substancial Depth? Or are you limited?
Let me ask you a question. Did you ever hear about a firefighter refusing to fight a fire or make a rescue from a burning building because it's too far off the ground? Or, have you ever heard of a ski patrolman who only covers the beginner slopes and refuses to perform rescues on the black diamond runs?

Of course not! Yet I hear from professional dive team members that they're not willing to risk diving deep. You've got to ask yourselves then - why are they calling themselves Search & Recovery divers? While no one wants to get hurt, diving deep is not necessarily "risky". However, it does require special training, skill development and constant practice to stay sharp.
While many dive team members are excellent at their jobs in shallow water (where most recoveries take place) they've never spent the time and effort to become proficient in the deeper zones. Thus it's no wonder many fire deparment divers feel they should not have to dive deep. They're unprepared, untrained, unequiped, and mentally psyched out by the concept.

And, let me assure you, diving is going deeper.. musch deeper in the next few years. Nitrox, Trimix, and closed circuit rebreathers are "pushing the envelope" of diving as we know it. This is going to lead to more civilian diving deaths and someone will be called upon to recover those victims.

Will you be ready? Or will you wait until a plane departing Logan Airport crashes into Cape Cod Bay and their are hundreds of dives to be performed at depths over 100 feet? You can be ready if you take the time to get trained. Now is that time.

Your instructor for the workshop is PADI Master Instructor, Donald Ferris. Don is the authoritative voice in Cape Cod diving having authored three books on diving including, Beneath the Waters of Cape Cod, Beneath the Waters of Massachusetts Bay, and Exploring the Waters of Cape Cod. Don has performed dive training for the Hyannis, Yarmouth, Centerville/Osterville, Barnstable Natural Resources, Martha's Vineyard, Harwich, and Chatham fire departments.

This class is definitely water orientated with the emphasis on diving as many different dive sites as we can in a relatively short period of time. We're going to be diving wrecks as well as deep, but the overall concept is to develop the proper skills necessary to enable you to dive deep anywhere on Cape Cod with safety, skill, and confidence.
And man, I gotta tell you, Don is entertaining as well as challenging.

Don has certified over 2000 people to dive on Cape Cod with more than half of these certifications at the Advanced or Specialty level. He really knows how to teach diving. Here's what just a few of his former Deep diving students had to say about last year's program:
"This class was unbelievable! We dove on great wrecks as well as drift - deep diving. I loved it."
"Highly enjoyable. I learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone."
"I've taken numerous classes at other dive stores and this was by far the best!"
"It's great to finally find a real professional in this sport. Thanks!"

By the time the workshop is through, you'll have four to eight deep dives under your belt and lots of new experiences. You'll be ready to dive, if and when duty calls.

But in order for you to enjoy this workshop you must sign up for it and I mean now! We can only accomodate the first six divers and we want you to be one of them.

C'mon, think about it. Do you really want to take a class from somebody who read a book on wreck diving off Cape Cod? Or do you want to take a class from the guy who wrote it? I think we both know the answer. Sign up now while you can!

Tuition: $550, includes . . .
- Video / Classroom session
- All Specialized Equipment
- PADI Deep Diver Certification Card
- Deep Diver Manual

* May have boat charter fee

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver , Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, CPR certification

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