The K-10 Hydrospeeder is the high performance sport bike of advanced underwater diver propulsion systems. Featured on the cover of Skin Diver Magazine, and several hit movies, riding this machine is a cross between racing a motorbike and flying a fighter jet. VIEW PICS HERE
* Please note on the pics shown, the “green machine is the unit for sale”. The red K-10 Hydrospeeder pics are from Italy, but show the unit in the water so well, (which I have not been able to photograph with my machine).
Just owning these machines has practically made me the coolest guy on the block. Half the fun of owning one is towing it to your local dive site and explaining to everyone what it is that you are pulling. Everybody thinks you are some kind of scientist if you have a little submarine in your garage. The response that people make when they see an underwater motorcycle is worth owning one, whether you’re a surfer, a sailboat enthusiast or a “loves to spend” pro at When ever I go to the beach, everybody comes over and tells me “You’re like James Bond.”  I can’t pull my truck into a gas station without people surrounding me wanting to know more, and they will hang on every word you make.

These are the same machines that are featured in the movie, Tomb Raider 2 ‘Cradle of Life’ when they are exploring the underwater city, and in James Bond’s ‘Never Dream of Dying.’

The K-10 is great for fun and to show off with, but is also a great search vehicle for underwater recovery and rescue situations. It would be a great addition to any police or firefighter search and rescue team. Other ideas for the device are developing dive games, underwater tag, “dog fights” and international speeder pilot events as the market grows. VIEW PICS HERE

Its electrical system (six lead acid dry cell batteries) is encased in a sealed pressurized compartment to prevent water from entering at any depth.  The Hydrospeeder’s frame is 82 inches long, 50 inches wide, and made of powder coated aircraft aluminum. Top speed is around eight miles an hour, and has a “burn time” of about two hours. It features onboard scuba and uses your own dive computer on the dashboard. What separates it from other DPV’s is it has two times the speed, onboard scuba, and flight control.

The propulsion is supplied by two sets of six (6) 12 volt batteries, hooked together in series to make one 36 volt battery. There are two 90# lbs thrust trolling motors giving a combined 180 lbs of thrust. Your hands manipulate the wings (controlling pitch and roll) and your feet push controls for the speed and yaw. The scuba tank provides the diver with breathing air and the vehicle with pressurization air. A pony bottle can be used for backup. The covers on the battery compartments can be opened and the batteries can be charged with a standard 12 volt car battery charger.

I do not have an owners manual, nor have I been able to locate one on the internet, but it has to be out there somewhere. This unit is fully operational and runs perfect. VIEW PICS HERE

One special feature on this particular machine is that there is a special and rare pigment in the wings; when the wings get wet, they turn green, when they dry off, they turn jet black again!

These machines are almost impossible to find, as the original company went out of business after only producing a few hundred of them. I believe they originally sold for around $12,000 at the beginning of their production run. Even though they where able to drop the costs down, they where not able to make them affordable enough for your average diver to be competitive in the DPV market. The good news is that if anything should happen, it would be super easy to work on and almost all the parts can be bought at a machine parts supplier or from your local dive shop. Like any good machine, it will not break down as long as it is not abused. This one has been used in only Fresh Water.

PRICE: $6000. or best offer
You may either pickup locally or the unit is shippable.
I have a specially built plywood case for shipping this unit by freight truck. *It is several hundred pounds when crated up.
– The buyer pays all shipping fees.
– Payment accepted is either PAYPAL, CASH, BANK DRAFT

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