PADI Night Diver Certification

Night Diver. Extend Your Abilities. Extend Your Comfort Level. Expand Your Diving Territory.

Some of the most remarkable scuba diving you will do may be at night.
There are many reasons for this including the fact that many marine animals alter their behavior when the sun goes down. The color of corals and fish are remarkably enhanced at night and divers usually slow down and witness more when they are on a night dive

Also let’s not forget the obvious – it’s cool! I mean really, how many people do you know who are out scuba diving at night? Instead their home watching Seinfeld reruns and getting fat.

I promise – you will love to night dive after this class. But be pre-warned, you may want to dive only at night!

Price: Private lessons available for $450. per student. includes . . .
• Video / Classroom session
• Two open water night diving sessions
• Night Diver certification card

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver, be comfortable with basic skills

Specialized Equipment: Dive Lights. One primary, one backup.

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