Learn to Scuba Dive on Cape Cod

Since You Were A Little Kid You’ve Always Wanted To Try It… Now, discover all the adventure when you learn to dive with Don Ferris Dive Training.

Learning to dive properly is fundamental to your future enjoyment of the sport. Now that you’ve decided to learn one of the most fascinating sports in the world, you’ll want the most experienced instructors available. You know, ones who have taught hundreds and even thousands of people to dive, not somebody who just received their instructor certification.

Our training program is headed by P.A.D.I. Master Instructor, Donald Ferris. Don has been teaching scuba diving for over 40 years. The authoritative voice on Cape Cod diving, Don has authored four books on diving including, Beneath the Waters of Cape CodBeneath the Waters of Massachusetts Bay, and Exploring the Waters of Cape Cod and the Anthology of Cape Cod Shipwrecks.

Don is not only a highly experienced dive instructor, he’s also a former Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Trainer, and current Medic First Aid Instructor Trainer, with years and years of actual lifeguarding and first aid experience. He is entertaining as well as challenging, having certified over 2500 people to dive on Cape Cod and over 14,000 CPR and First Aid Certifications!

Ever Wonder How Safe Is Scuba Diving?

Here’s what just a few of my former diving students had to say about the learn to dive scuba programs:

>> ” There is no finer dive instructor than Don Ferris”

>> ” I don’t know how you are always so calm? I tried diving with another instructor and I hated it. With you, I loved it!”
>> “This class was excellent! I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable you are as a teacher. Thanks!
>> “I really felt I got my moneys worth from the program. I learned a lot and would recommend it.”
>> “Don Ferris’s classes are the best. Don and his helpers were great!”
>> “I’m grateful for the extra attention you showed. I couldn’t have done it without you. Can’t wait for the Advanced program!!”

>> “I was scared after a bad experience with another instructor. Your calm manner was exactly right for me. I can’t believe I almost gave up diving”
>> ” The guy on the resort dive boat said I looked like I’d been diving for years. I told him I just got certified. He said who ever taught me was really good. That really enforced how good my instruction with you had been.”

Here Is the Way Our Learn to Dive Program Works:

We design our classes around your schedule – not the other way around.
People’s work schedules are more demanding now than ever. Especially if you’ve had some previous diving and snorkeling experience, our learn to dive program may be just perfect for you. Here’s the way it works: You’ll work one-on-one with Don (that’s correct, you get private lessons) and quickly and easily master the necessary skills to become a safe competent diver.

Begin to Learn today On-line using P.A.D.I.’s new On-line system for academic training. You literally can start learning and by doing this at home (or work), you can speed up how long the class will atke and we can concentrate on the really critical thing – your water skills.

Step One – After choosing from a weekday or weekend learning schedule, you’ll register for the workshop of your choice with a deposit. You will use the P.A.D.I. online academic module (a $195. fee to P.A.D.I. is involved *price can change) where you can do all the academic work online at your own pace.

You’ll fill out a little bit of paperwork including medical information and then you can immediately start learning about diving. Frequently Asked Learn to Dive Questions.

Step Two: Water Work – Over a 4 – 1/2 day periods, either mornings or afternoons, you’ll be learning how to dive using a lake environment in Barnstable, Sandwich or Brewster.

*For Start Dates, just look at your calendar for July, August, or Sept, and pick 4 – 1/2 days, either mornings or afternoons. Then email me and see if those are available!

You’ll be on scuba the very first day. There is a lot of swimming, but you’ll laugh a lot as you learn to dive. Most people think it’s pretty easy with only a few stumbling blocks to overcome. As one lady told me, “You’re not really teaching me how to dive, you’re teaching me how not to kill myself 100 ways!” I think that is a pretty accurate statement.

Let me assure you, this is no scuba diploma mill. You’ll swim hard and study hard. You’ll truly earn your certification and feel darn proud doing it! But because I’ve taught so many people over the past 40 years, I know how to adapt the training to your unique learning style. We guarantee you’ll love every minute as the program challenges your body and your mind.

After a 16+ hours of fun and exercise, you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear as you hold your certification card in hand.

By the time your program is through, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge that you will carry with you your entire diving career. Welcome to our world.

Tuition: just $750. Private Lessons includes . . .

  • Pool or Confined Water training sessions
  • Four outdoor training dives
  • PADI Open Water certification card
  • Use of all diving equipment. This will save you as much as $500. over local dive shop classes!

NOTE* The fee above is far less than local dive shops charge for a crowded “group lessons”. The scuba lessons I teach are private or semi-private only. I like to teach one-on-one.

Prerequisites: Must enjoy the water, swim and tread water comfortably. No history of ear, asthma, breathing, blood pressure or heart troubles.

Equipment: We will do our best to supply you with everything else you will need to dive safely and comfortably. However, we can not always have every size of wetsuit or boots available (one guy had size 15 feet!). While we suggest you have your own personal mask. snorkel, fins and booties, you are very welcome to use ours during the course. We are not a scuba store and do not sell equipment, But there are a couple of dive shops close by and we suggest you work with them to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Frequently Asked Learn to Dive Questions

PADI Medical Form

Looking For Start Dates?

Just look at your calendar for July, August, or Sept, and pick 4 - 1/2 days, either mornings or afternoons.

Then email me and see if those are available!

Remember, these are all private lessons!