Personalized Scuba Lessons with a Master Instructor

Private Scuba Lessons On Cape Cod

Cape Cod Scuba Diving Lessons

Learn To Dive
PADI Private Scuba Lessons on Cape Cod by someone who’s trained 1000’s to dive. MORE…

Advanced Diver
Advanced Diver is the cornerstone to all the other classes. Fun & exciting focused on diving. MORE

PADI Master Instructor
We have over 40 years of experience teaching scuba

Specialty Classes
Over 50% of the classes we teach are PADI Specialty Classes, Wreck, Deep, Drysuit, Lobster, and many more

Kids Scuba
Teaching kids to scuba dive is a specialty. If your child is at least 10 yrs. old, they can learn to scuba dive.

Cape Cod Scuba Diving Classes from the Guy
Who Literally Wrote the Book!

I teach scuba diving lessons on Cape Cod. We specialize in P.A.D.I. private or semi-private courses for busy adults and executives, Kids scuba programs and advanced training for certified divers. My name is Don Ferris, and I’ve trained over 2500 people to scuba dive on Cape Cod. While doing so, I literally wrote the books on scuba diving on Cape Cod, Exploring The Waters of Cape CodBeneath The Waters of Massachusetts Bay and The Anthology Of Cape Cod Shipwrecks.
**We are NOT a dive shop, air fill station, or a charter boat – we just teach Scuba Diving!

Now, It’s Your Turn To Learn
We think Scuba lessons should be as fun and easy, as diving itself. Truly enjoy your scuba dive training by learning with a real scuba diving expert. Someone who can help you achieve your underwater goals in a safe, fun, and time efficient manner. Learn To Dive on Cape Cod or Learn to Scuba in the Boston Area. We teach private PADI scuba classes on Cape Cod and South Shore of Boston.

Adventure and exciting scuba travel opportunities await you. Become a certified scuba diver today! You’ll love your scuba training – we guarantee it.