PADI Referral Dives for Open Water Certification

We often get requests to complete the four (4) PADI Open Water Training Dives.

Here’s What Is Involved:

The dives will take two half-days, either a full morning, or a full afternoon each. You will need your PADI paperwork from the referring instructor. I’m sorry, but we can not do the sessions without this paperwork. NOTE* Your paperwork has an experation date. Please be sure not to exceed the dates.

All the dives are private or semi-private sessions with myself. Schedules for the dives are flexible and we’ll work it around your busy schedule and mine. Are you available during the week or just weekends?

Inclusive fee for all 4 dives, including equipment, is just $350. We most likely will be diving at Hathaway’s Pond in Barnstable. It is the most popular dive site in MA and a great place to train and learn. The lake drops to 60 feet and has a shipwreck in it that you can go inside of!

Training Fee: $350. includes Equipment as needed, and your permenant PADI card.

Prerequisites: PADI Referral Form and pass a PADI simple 15 question quiz.

PADI Medical Form